• K87 backplate isolation issues
    I’m getting reports of an uncommon issue where the K87 can start to leak between the backplates and lose figure 8 in u87i circuits if the capsule takes a hard enough blow to the side. This shouldn’t happen during normal use, but shipping can be rough. If yours has this issue, replacement is free. It…
  • Contact and OEM forms fixed
    Sorry about that, it was a Lightspeed Cache bug.
  • Warranty Info
    All the capsules sold on this site have a lifetime warranty limited to manufacturing defects.
  • All K87 pre-orders have shipped.
    Shipping will be next business day from this point forward. Thank you!
  • K87 Shipping Date
    We’re still looking to ship by the end of this week or depending on how the shipping is scheduled around the weekend, by the end of this month. Dispatch should be same or next day from that point onward. FR chart delivery may be delayed.