K87 Shipping Date

Hey! We’re currently waiting on some of the accessories (covers, properly fitting saddles that allow you to terminate the backplates out the bottom, and a couple more bits and bobs.) We’re still looking to ship by the end of this week or depending on how the shipping is scheduled around the weekend, by the end of this month. Dispatch should be same or next day from that point onward, as with the Flat K47 when it was in stock.

As for the FR charts, due to holiday season hecticness, they’re proving a bit difficult to track down. All our capsules are FR swept, but for the flat K47 batches the charts were deleted after the QC pass was completed, since they were never intended to be a real product. I’m not going to lie to you: This may have accidentally happened to the K87 charts out of habit for batch 1. This will not be a problem in batch 2 and it doesn’t affect the quality or matching of the capsules at all. They were still swept 4 times–once for each half, and once for each side after assembly. The only issue is whether the charts were saved. For peace of mind, I will be sending several randomly selected capsules out for external testing. The same team worked on the flat K47s, and external testing on 10 of those showed very high consistency, as I’d specified, so I am not worried. There is still a reasonable chance that they can be recovered from a backup, and if so I will email your chart to you later, but if you’d like to cancel due to the lack of immediately available charts as promised, please email me at store@arienneaudio.com

Thank you for your patience.


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