K87 backplate isolation issues

I’m getting reports of an uncommon issue where the K87 can start to leak between the backplates and lose figure 8 in u87i circuits if the capsule takes a hard enough blow to the side. This shouldn’t happen during normal use, but shipping can be rough. If yours has this issue, replacement is free. It was my fault this was overlooked, not my assembly team’s. I made the decision not to sleeve the screws because I hadn’t personally run into the issue, and I failed to properly increase the hole size to account for removing the sleeve. The issue is rare, but I’m annoyed enough at my own mistake that we will probably be reassembling all the current capsule stock rather than waiting for batch 2.

If you are making a u67 or using the capsule for any other purpose, you can safely disregard this post. This problem affects people building clone u87i circuits only.

Current customers:

If they test isolated on a multimeter, you’re probably still good to go. These capsules also have a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects, so if your capsules are isolated now, but the mic takes a fall and you encounter this problem in a few years, replacement will still be free at that point.

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