"Flat" K47

Product Details

A modified version of the classic Neumann K47 that delivers a smooth, even frequency response without the typical bump in the upper mids and treble. This capsule is the result of a shootout between potential 5 part suppliers to produce an identical capsule, and was originally not intended to be a retail product. However, due to overwhelming demand, it is now offered permanently.

Solidly built and boasting <1dB front to back matching, ensuring a consistent sound no matter the orientation, the "flat" K47 also has a more typically cardioid overall polar pattern, making it less directional compared to the slightly more hypercardioid polar pattern of the original K47.

Whether you're recording vocals, instruments, percussion, or amplifiers, the flat K47 is an excellent choice for capturing a wide range of source.

Sound samples (click the title for lossless streaming and .wav download):

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